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Plant Medicine Retreat

Experience a unique and supportive journey to better health with our plant medicine retreats in Jamaica.

Guided by Certified Facilitators

Our plant medicine retreats are led by certified facilitators Kevin & Vee. They are focused on creating a safe, legal and affordable environment for your health and wellness. Their approach includes getting to know each participant’s unique needs and perspectives. This personal touch helps build trust and makes sure that your experience is both supportive and comforting.


Psilocybin Experiences and Activities

Our retreats feature two full deep dive psilocybin ceremonies. These sessions offer a special chance for personal growth while making safety and comfort top priorities. Alongside these ceremonies, you will enjoy engaging activities. These include a farm-to-table five course dining experience and a relaxing beach sunset excursion. Together, these elements create a well rounded retreat that supports your wellness journey.

ONE Retreats - Plant Medicine Retreat
ONE Retreats - Plant Medicine Retreat
A magic mushroom retreat setting in Negril, Jamaica

All-Inclusive Retreat Packages

Our packages cover everything you need for a fulfilling retreat. All meals are included, with three meals provided each day. Comfortable accommodations are arranged for your stay. We also offer pre-retreat group and one-on-one sessions to prepare you, along with post-retreat group sessions to help with integration. To make travel easy, two airport transfers are included. At ONE Retreats, we set everything up to support your journey to better health in a caring environment, guided by professionals every step of the way.

Book Your Call

If you're planning to join us, book your call to talk with facilitators Kevin and Vee. They are ready to answer your questions and help you understand how our retreat can benefit you.