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How to Prep


ONE Retreats - How to Prep

Before You Apply to ONE Psilocybin Retreats:

Get Educated

Before you apply to ONE Retreats, you should read up on the latest scientific research. We have a few resources on our website, but we recommend you do some personal investigations on your own.

Medical Screening

You should visit your General Practitioner and get a full medical check-up before traveling to Jamaica. Your physical well-being is of utmost importance to the quality of your experience at ONE Retreats.


Set Intentions

The key to harnessing the full benefits of the sacred medicine is to first drop your expectations and instead, set your intentions. Write them down. Focus on them. Visualize them manifesting in your life.

Practice Listening to Your Body

Our bodies communicate with us several times a day, but we get really good at ignoring it. Before your retreat, this needs to change. Spend a few minutes a day taking deep breaths and paying attention to what your body is feeling.

Get Comfortable Being….Uncomfortable

We’re not talking about sleeping on a lumpy mattress (our mattresses are quite comfy, actually). We’re talking about growth. Growth can only happen when you dip your toe into unfamiliar waters. Try to get used to feeling ‘out-of-control’ (think rollercoasters or public speaking). These are the moments where we have no choice but to submit to the process and at the end, we find we’ve gained a lot.

Declutter Your Mind

Easier said than done, we know. However, in the time leading up to the retreat, try to quiet your mind. Take deep cleansing breaths and distance yourself from drama as best as possible, while you begin to focus on your needs and wants.
psilocybin assisted retreat center in Jamaica


Eat Clean

A healthy body makes a healthy mind. That’s why it’s so important to eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated, especially in that 2 week window before arriving at ONE Retreats.

Sleep Well

Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.


Aim for light to moderate exercise a few times a week in the weeks leading up to the retreat.


Make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. More on the days you exercise.


Check in With Yourself

Are you a spiritually aware person? Do you often contemplate the purpose of life? Your place in the world? How can you deepen the spiritual dialogue you have with yourself?

Clarify Your Spiritual Purpose

Think about what characteristics you will need to evolve into the best version of your future self.


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