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What to Expect


ONE Retreats - What to Expect

From the minute you land in Jamaica to the minute you take off, know this: you are in good hands. Here is what you can expect from your week at ONE Retreats.

50/50 Luxury Vacation & Transformative Healing

Luxury Vacation

A week at ONE Retreats is an all-inclusive, off-the-beaten-path, authentic Jamaican experience. You can look forward to meals prepared by private chefs, safe and comfortable accommodations at the boutique Tingalaya Resort, a setting that allows you to feel nestled in nature. There will be group meditation, light yoga, stretching, breath work, fireside ceremonies and opening chakras. Beach days, hikes and bike rides through nature are all on the table, but no pressure. This is your journey. You decide how much or how little you do.

Guests will have the chance to do the Zimbali Culinary Retreat , a farm-to-table, 5-course experience voted #1 on Trip Advisor.

Our team will organize a few excursions off-property at places like the famous Push-Cart Restaurant on the cliffs of Negril, overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, as well as Negril’s iconic 7 mile white sand beach. Additionally, there will be opportunities for guests to take morning walks through nature to nearby local fruit stands, to the soundtrack of birds singing in the tree-top canopies overhead.
ONE Retreats - What to Expect

This retreat is about focusing on you:
your needs, your wants and your evolution.

Pre-Retreat Prep (4 weeks virtual)

Set the foundation for transformation

Immersion (1 week)

Where Practices Meet Ceremonies

Integration (3 weeks virtual)

A Fresh Start

Immersion at a Glance

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
ONE Retreats - What to Expect

Commonly Asked Question

You can take psilocybin in a number of ways at ONE Retreats. We offer 100% Cacao chocolate bars infused with psilocybin, dried mushrooms and tea. During our pre-retreat process, we will assess what’s the best dosage and medium for you, as we customize your individual program.

Since we offer an all-inclusive package, we only allow guests who are taking the sacred medicine to participate. If there is a special circumstance we should be aware of, please send us an email and we will see how best to accommodate you.

Yes, a medical doctor and nurse will be on property throughout the week, and they will be on hand during both psilocybin ceremonies.

Every body comes with its own health challenges. This is why we recommend that before coming to ONE Psilocybin Retreats, you visit your General Practitioner and get a full medical check up. Speak with them about psilocybin and what you’re planning to do, and follow their advice. Your doctor is better equipped to answer this question as they know your health history.

We aim to create intimate retreat experiences, so guests can feel safe, comfortable and at one with nature without feeling crowded. For this reason, we limit our retreats to 15 guests per cycle.

This is your journey. We are all about freedom. We provide the options and you can either accept or decline.

From Rose Hill Apothecary Ltd., our sister company. Read more about it here.

Nobody has ever been hurt at any of our events over the past 20 years.

Absolutely. Please let us know what your needs are and we will accommodate you.

Speak with your doctor. Only they know your medical history, what medications you are on. Take their advice.

Every retreat begins with an ancestral blessing or invocation, a call to the sacred directions. This healing journey allows you to connect with your intentions and access the energy of the space through guided meditation accompanied with flute and hand drum and other sacred instruments.
You will be invited to share your name and experience with the circle, before taking an item from the offering to place on the Wanara (a place apart, used for healing and consecration). Offerings from Wanara are given to the fire.
Guests will have a selection of white, green, red/yellow, and black items, as well as fruits.
Following the medicine wheel, the items you take are what you require from the retreat, whether you are aware or not :
Red/ Day / East – Vision, insight, motivation, discipline.
Green / water / South – Medicine, healing, cleansing.
Black / Night / West – Understanding, listening , ancestors, sweetness.
White / Mountains /North – Wisdom, Knowledge, ingenuity.
After sharing songs, you receive part of the opening sacred fire within a piece of cloth or a small bag to help anchor your intentions throughout the retreat.
Ancestral Ceremonies close with gratitude and a blow of the Guamo (conch shell).

Upon booking, any deposits or payments made are non-refundable.  However, they are transferable or can be applied as a credit to a future retreat. Either option must occur within 12 months of the cancellation date.  After the 12 months, any deposits and payments that were made are thereby non-refundable. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for more information.

After a deposit is made, you may make equal monthly payments for the remaining balance up until 30 days to the retreat start date.  Your monthly payments start the following month after booking on the same day you paid your deposit. You may contact us to modify your payment dates or plan.


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