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Private Psilocybin Experiences

ONE Retreats' private psilocybin experiences in Jamaica allow a one-of-a-kind chance for personal growth with particular attention paid to safety and comfort.


Certified Facilitators: Kevin & Vee

With safety and comfort as top priorities, participants in Jamaica can enjoy a well planned psilocybin (magic mushroom) experience led by certified facilitators Kevin & Vee. A welcoming and comforting atmosphere for the psilocybin experience is largely attributed to the facilitators' commitment to learning about each participant's distinct viewpoint and needs.

Preparatory and intake meetings are the first steps in the process, which aims to build rapport and trust between the facilitators and each participant by learning about what they want and need.

Kevin & Vee learn a great deal about the particular interests and requirements of each participant from these initial sessions. The intake process serves not only as a method of learning about the participant but also as a chance for participants to develop a strong feeling of community and belonging, which improves the entire experience.


The Setting

The setting of this life-changing experience is essential to enhancing the journey as a whole. Sites are carefully chosen to complement the ritualistic elements of the event, ensuring a quiet and meditative environment. Secluded beaches that give solitude and a chance to connect with nature, luxury resorts that offer a cozy and peaceful space for reflection, and even hallowed places that deepen the spiritual aspect of the journey are all possible options for the experience's setting.

ONE Retreats - Private Psilocybin Experiences
ONE Retreats - Private Psilocybin Experiences
ONE Retreats - Private Psilocybin Experiences

The Journey

Participants have the opportunity to participate in breathwork sessions, which expand their psychedelic journey and support in the release of emotions. Live music that has been carefully chosen to complement the sessions uplifts the mood and guides participants through a process of meditation and contemplation. Throughout this journey, help and guidance are available at all times, creating a courteous and supportive environment.

After the experience, integration becomes the primary goal, with talks and individual guidance meant for supporting participants in implementing their newly discovered perspectives into their daily lives. The above approach insures that the journey's positive impacts last long after it ends.

Experience Offerings

  • Initial intake call
  • Carefully chosen live music
  • Yoga and physical activities
  • Certified breathwork sessions
  • Meditation practices
  • Tested natural psilocybin
  • Trained psilocybin assisted therapists
  • Dedicated integration follow-up call
ONE Retreats - Private Psilocybin Experiences

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Do not pass up this opportunity for a profound experience that has been exactly planned to awaken the best in you and take you on a one-of-a-kind journey of personal discovery. Participate in an unforgettable journey that breaks down traditional mental barriers, allowing for a free and uplifting exploration of the mind and spirit.