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Where to Travel for a Magic Mushroom Retreat in December 2023

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As the world becomes increasingly open-minded about alternative forms of therapy and personal growth, the trend of magic mushroom retreats is on the rise. These retreats offer a unique opportunity to connect with oneself and the natural world, while experiencing the powerful benefits of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Attending a magic mushroom retreat can be a life-changing experience, but it is important to choose the right destination and retreat center. In this article, we will explore the legal status of magic mushrooms around the world, the benefits of attending a magic mushroom retreat, and popular destinations for retreats in 2023.

Whether you are seeking mental health benefits, spiritual growth, or simply a new adventure, we hope this guide will help you find the perfect magic mushroom retreat for your needs.


Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have a complicated legal status around the world. While some countries have decriminalized or legalized their use for medicinal or spiritual purposes, others have strict laws against them. It is important to understand the legal status of magic mushrooms before attending a retreat, to avoid any legal issues.

Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries in various cultures around the world for spiritual and medicinal purposes. In the mid-20th century, researchers began to study their effects on the human mind, leading to their classification as a Schedule I drug in the United States in 1970. This classification, which also includes drugs like heroin and LSD, makes it illegal to possess, distribute, or use magic mushrooms. In recent years, however, there has been a growing movement to decriminalize and even legalize the use of magic mushrooms for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. This movement is largely based on scientific studies that have shown the potential of psilocybin to treat mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

The legal status of magic mushrooms varies widely around the world. In some countries, they are fully legal or decriminalized, while in others, they are strictly prohibited.

In the Netherlands, magic mushrooms are under strict regulations. The sale of fresh magic mushrooms was banned in 2008, and only dried mushrooms or truffles can be purchased in specialized shops called smart shops. The use of magic mushrooms is also legal in Jamaica, where they are not regulated and can be consumed in private settings.

In some countries, such as Mexico, the possession and use of magic mushrooms is technically illegal, but it is not typically enforced when used within traditional and cultural practices. This is due to the historical and cultural significance of the mushrooms in indigenous communities and the lack of harm associated with their use in these contexts.

In the United States, the legal status of magic mushrooms varies by state. In Oregon, for example, the use of magic mushrooms for mental health treatment in supervised settings is legal, while in other states, possession or use of the drug is strictly prohibited.

The legal status of magic mushrooms is constantly evolving, with some countries moving towards legalization or decriminalization, while others are tightening their laws. In Australia, for example, psilocybin was approved for use in prescription medications for the treatment of PTSD and treatment-resistant depression in February 2023. This move is expected to pave the way for further research and potentially lead to wider acceptance of the drug. Similarly, in the United States, there is growing support for the decriminalization of magic mushrooms, with several cities or states passing measures to decriminalize the drug. As of 2021, these cities include Colorado, California; and Detroit, Michigan.

It is important to keep up to date with changes in the legal status of magic mushrooms when planning a retreat, as the laws can vary widely from one destination to another. We recommend researching the legal status of magic mushrooms in your chosen destination before booking a retreat.


Benefits of Magic Mushroom Retreats

Magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms, have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and spiritual properties. They contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin, which can cause a variety of effects, including altered perception, mood changes, and altered sense of time.

Today, many people are turning to magic mushroom retreats to experience these effects in a controlled and safe environment. These retreats offer a variety of benefits, including mental health, spiritual, physical and therapeutic benefits.


Mental Health Benefits

Studies have shown that psilocybin can have positive effects on mental health, particularly for individuals with depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. One study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that psilocybin significantly reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with life-threatening cancer.


Spiritual Benefits

Many people report having profound spiritual experiences while using psilocybin. These experiences can range from feelings of interconnectedness and oneness with the universe to encounters with a higher power or divine being. These experiences can have a lasting impact on an individual’s sense of purpose and meaning in life.


Physical Benefits

Psilocybin has also been shown to have physical health benefits, particularly in the treatment of cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are an extremely painful condition that are often resistant to traditional treatments. However, a study published in the journal Neurology found that psilocybin was effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of cluster headaches.


Therapeutic Benefits

Magic mushroom retreats can also provide a therapeutic setting for individuals seeking to explore and address their personal issues and traumas. The retreats often include therapy sessions with trained professionals, group discussions, and other activities that promote self-reflection and personal growth.

It is important to note that while magic mushrooms can offer these benefits, they should always be used under the guidance of trained professionals in a safe and controlled environment.

Additionally, it is important to consider the potential risks and side effects associated with psilocybin use. While psilocybin is not considered to be addictive, it can cause intense experiences that may be difficult to handle for some individuals. It is also important to consider the potential legal consequences of using psilocybin in some countries where it is still illegal.

Overall, magic mushroom retreats can offer a variety of benefits for individuals seeking to explore the therapeutic and spiritual properties of psilocybin. It is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before deciding to participate in a retreat.


Choosing a Magic Mushroom Retreat

Choosing the right magic mushroom retreat can make or break your experience. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best retreat for you.


When choosing a retreat, it’s important to consider the location. Do you prefer a tropical or mountainous environment? Are you looking for a remote location or something more accessible? The location can greatly affect your experience, so choose one that aligns with your preferences.



Research the reputation and reviews of the retreat you’re considering. Check out their website and social media pages to see what people are saying about their experiences. You can also look for independent reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Choose a retreat with a good reputation and positive reviews from previous attendees.


Retreat Packages and Services

Different retreats offer different packages and services. Some may include additional activities like yoga, meditation, or nature walks. Others may provide more extensive therapy sessions with licensed professionals. Consider what services are important to you and choose a retreat that aligns with your goals.


Accommodation and Amenities

Accommodations and amenities can vary widely among retreats. Some may offer more luxurious or rustic accommodations, while others may provide more basic accommodations. Consider what type of accommodation you prefer and what amenities are important to you, such as Wi-Fi, pools, or hot tubs.


Safety and Security Measures

It’s important to consider safety and security when choosing a retreat. Look for retreats with safety protocols in place, such as medical staff or emergency services. Additionally, consider the security of the retreat, such as their policies on who is allowed on the premises.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose a retreat that aligns with your preferences and goals. Keep in mind that the retreat you choose will greatly affect your experience, so take the time to research and choose wisely.


Popular Magic Mushroom Retreat Destinations in 2023

If you’re looking to embark on a magic mushroom retreat in 2023, there are many destinations around the world that offer various packages and experiences. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most popular magic mushroom retreat destinations.



Jamaica is considered as a top destination for psychedelic tourism because psilocybin mushrooms are openly sold there and have never been outlawed. In fact, Jamaica is now cultivating investors in efforts to build up its psychedelics industry, which according to one estimate could be worth $8 billion globally by 2028.

There are several retreat centers in Jamaica that offer magic mushroom experiences. These retreats typically take place in beautiful natural settings and include accommodation, meals, and guided psychedelic experiences.



The Netherlands is another popular destination for magic mushroom retreats. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms were legal in the Netherlands until 2008 when they were banned by the government. However, truffles, which contain the same psychoactive ingredient as magic mushrooms, are still legal and can be purchased in smart shops.

There are many retreat centers in the Netherlands that offer magic mushroom retreats. These retreats typically last for several days and include accommodation, meals, and guided psychedelic experiences.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with lush rainforests and stunning beaches. It’s also a popular destination for magic mushroom retreats. Magic mushrooms are illegal in Costa Rica, but there are several retreat centers that offer legal psychedelic experiences using other substances such as ayahuasca or iboga.

Retreats in Costa Rica typically take place in remote locations and include accommodation, meals, and guided psychedelic experiences.



Peru is another popular destination for psychedelic retreats. Ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic brew made from the ayahuasca vine, is legal in Peru and is often used in conjunction with magic mushrooms to create transformative experiences.

There are several retreat centers in Peru that offer magic mushroom and ayahuasca experiences. These retreats typically take place in the Amazon rainforest and include accommodation, meals, and guided psychedelic experiences.


Mexico is a country with a rich history of psychedelic use. Magic mushrooms are illegal in Mexico, but some retreat centers offer legal experiences using other substances such as peyote or ayahuasca.

Retreats in Mexico typically take place in natural settings and include accommodation, meals, and guided psychedelic experiences.

United States

While magic mushrooms are still illegal at the federal level in the United States, several states have recently passed laws decriminalizing or legalizing the use of magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes. Retreat centers in these states are now offering legal magic mushroom experiences in supervised settings.


In conclusion, magic mushroom retreats have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous mental, spiritual, physical, and therapeutic benefits. While the legal status of magic mushrooms varies from country to country, it is important to ensure that the retreat you choose is operating legally to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

When choosing a magic mushroom retreat, it is important to consider various factors such as location, reputation, packages and services, accommodation, and safety measures. It is also crucial to research the laws regarding magic mushrooms in the country where the retreat is located and make sure that the retreat is operating within those laws.

The Netherlands, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, and the United States are some of the most popular destinations for magic mushroom retreats, each offering unique experiences and opportunities. Whether you are looking for a traditional shamanic experience or a more modern, clinical approach, there is a retreat out there that will suit your needs.

While magic mushroom retreats are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric care, they can be a valuable tool in promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are considering attending a magic mushroom retreat, it is important to prepare properly and understand what to expect.

In summary, attending a legal magic mushroom retreat can be a life-changing experience, providing numerous benefits and opportunities for personal growth and healing. By doing your research and selecting a reputable retreat center that operates within the laws of the country, you can ensure a safe and rewarding experience that can have a profound impact on your life.


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